What is the advantages of google adsense?

benefits of google adsense.

Last updated:1/15/2020 12:47:12 AM

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

The Advantages of Google AdSense

• A huge number of publishers and advertisers are using it. Since today, over 10 million websites are using this adsense.

• A High level of security, safety and transparency for both advertisers and publishers. This is another best feature of AdSense. Since, Google acts as an intermediary between the two sides and is helpful in monitoring of the whole process being transparent and clear for everyone.

• Variety of ad formats are present. In AdSense, advertisers we can run text, images, HTML ads, video ads and much more, and in different sizes also. As a publisher, we can experiment with various ad types and figure out which ones drive the most revenue.

Anurag Dwivedi
Anurag Dwivedi

Google is a wonderful company. It is the revolution for the 21 century .2 decades ago we were suffering for the availability of knowledge but googles provide knowledge to everyone free of cost .Instead of giving us free knowledge it is also doing business and Google is among the most profitable company of the world. It has different product Adsense is one of them. Google Adsense is the advertisement service provider .when the visitors come to your blog video, click on it, and spend time then you earn the profit.

Benefits of Google Adsense

Your website or blog with correct information is enough is make money through Adsense.

You can apply Google Adsense if it fulfilling some of the criteria made by google.