How to create storage bucket in google cloud?

creating storage bucket.

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

Creating storage buckets

It shows you how to create Cloud Storage buckets.

Note: In order to create a bucket for a project, a user must have the storage.objects.create project permission for the project. If we are working within a project that we did not create, we might need the project owner to give us a role that contains this permission, such as Editor, Owner, or Storage Admin.

To create a new storage bucket:

1. Open the Cloud Storage browser from the Google Cloud Console.


2. Click on Create bucket to open the bucket creation form.

How to create storage bucket in google cloud?

3. Enter our bucket information and click Continue to complete following step:

• Specify a Name, to the bucket name requirements.

• Select a Default storage class for the bucket as default storage class will be assigned by default to all objects uploaded to the bucket. Next step is to select a Location where the bucket data will be permanently stored.

• Select an Access control to determine how we control access to the bucket's objects.

• Optionally, you can add bucket labels, set a retention policy, and choose an encryption method.

4. Click Done.


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