Connecting to Windows instances and install iis server.

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

We can connect to Windows instances by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in the Google Cloud Console or go through a graphical user interface.

Remote Desktop

Before we connect, make sure we have created a Windows instance password and then we are ready to enter in the following steps:

Before we connect using the Chrome Remote Desktop, make sure that the following requirements are met with us:

  •  Our VM instance has a public IP address.
  •  Our firewall rules allow TCP ingress traffic from our client's public IP address to the instance by using port 3389.

To connect using the Chrome Remote Desktop, do the following:

1. Connect to the instance using either Chrome RDP in GCP or Remote Desktop

2. On the VM, download and install Chrome

3. Now Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop.

4. Follow all the instructions provided by the extension to set up the VM instance as a host.

5. Then Disconnect from the instance.

6. On the machine where we want to use Chrome Remote Desktop to connect to the       VM instance, download and install Chrome Remote Desktop.

7. Make sure we are logged into Chrome using the same Google account that we used on the VM instance when installing Chrome Remote Desktop.

8. Set username and password will be provided to you.

9. Use that password to login to server, then click ok to continue

10. Once we login we get server manager.

11. On dashboard section click on manage tool

12. Under manage tool click add role and features and continue.

13. Under server roles select web server(iis) and add features of your requirement

14. After confirmation click install and close.

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