how to create firewall rule for sql server?

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Last updated:1/7/2020 1:51:04 AM

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

Create a firewall rule for SQL Server

Configure a firewall rule to allow traffic on port 1433 so other clients can connect to the newly created SQL Server instance over the internet.

1. In the Google Cloud Console, go to the Firewall rules section.


2. Click Add firewall rule and complete the following fields:

a. For the new Firewall Rule Name, enter allow-tcp-1433.

b. For Source Filter, select IP Ranges.

c. To allow access for all IP addresses, for Source IP Ranges, enter

d. For Allowed protocols and ports, enter tcp:1433.

3. To create the firewall rule, click Create.

how to create firewall rule for sql server?