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How to use stringformat in multibinding in WPF XAML

As you know StringFormat is of great importance for data representation in WPF. My problem is how to use StringFormat when multibinding in WPF?

If I give a very simple example:

We have variables,which are A and B and whose values are 10.255555 and 25.6999999

And we want to show them 10.2,25.6?

How can I do this with multibinding? Normally it is piece of cake with ValueConverter

Any help and ideas on this topic will be greately appreciated

Last updated:9/24/2013 7:47:01 AM

1 Answers

Pravesh Singh
Pravesh Singh

Hi Jeet,

Just set the StringFormat property on the MultiBinding; use placeholders ({0}, {1}...) for each binding in the multibinding, and include format specifiers if necessary (e.g. F1 for a decimal number with 1 decimal digit)

        <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}{0:F1}{1:F1}">
            <Binding Path="A" />
            <Binding Path="B" />

The {} part at the beginning is the format string is an escape sequence (otherwise the XAML parser would consider { to be the beginning of a markup extension)

Last updated:9/24/2013 7:47:01 AM