How to use stringformat in multibinding in WPF XAML

Jeet Verma

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As you know StringFormat is of great importance for data representation in WPF. My problem is how to use StringFormat when multibinding in WPF?

If I give a very simple example:

We have variables,which are A and B and whose values are 10.255555 and 25.6999999

And we want to show them 10.2,25.6?

How can I do this with multibinding? Normally it is piece of cake with ValueConverter

Any help and ideas on this topic will be greately appreciated

  1. Re: How to use stringformat in multibinding in WPF XAML

    Hi Jeet,

    Just set the StringFormat property on the MultiBinding; use placeholders ({0}, {1}...) for each binding in the multibinding, and include format specifiers if necessary (e.g. F1 for a decimal number with 1 decimal digit)

            <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}{0:F1}{1:F1}">
                <Binding Path="A" />
                <Binding Path="B" />

    The {} part at the beginning is the format string is an escape sequence (otherwise the XAML parser would consider { to be the beginning of a markup extension)

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