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Spacing in String.Format()

Posted by  Jayden Bell
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I want fixed spacing between words in a string similar to what you have in a datagrid.

I tried:

string item = String.Format("{0,-9}{1,-42}{2,-24}{3,0}", ++i, itemName, itemQuantity, totalItemPrice.ToString("#,##0.00") + System.Environment.NewLine);

But since the itemName length is varaible itemQuantity and totalItemPrice do not maintain their positions and get pushed forward.

The string is subsequently assigned to a RichTextBox.

  1. Re: Spacing in String.Format()

    Hi Jayden,

    You can do like this:

    I have just modified the way you have used the values and I can get the data displayed as data grid.

     string itemName = "phone";

     int itemQuantity = 5, totalItemPrice=50;

     string item = String.Format("{0,-2}{1,-10}{2,-5}{3,-5}", ++i, itemName, itemQuant ity, totalItemPrice.ToString("#,##0.00")+System.Environment.NewLine);