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Mark Devid
Mark Devid

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Posted on    September-21-2013 8:50 AM


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I keep getting this button in the header, I can click on the button to select all rows. This misaligns the data from the header. Any ideas? Thanks in Advance.


    <dg:DataGridTextColumn Header="Description" Width=".5*"

                           Binding="{Binding Description}">


    <dg:DataGridTextColumn Header="Type" Width="100" Binding="{Binding Type}">


    <dg:DataGridTextColumn Header="Amount $" Width="100" Binding="{Binding Amount}">


    <dg:DataGridTextColumn Header="Effective From Date" Width="100" Binding="{Binding EffectiveFromDate}"



    <dg:DataGridTextColumn Header="Effective To Date" Width="100" Binding="{Binding EffectiveToDate}"



    <dg:DataGridTextColumn Header="Status" Width="100" Binding="{Binding Status}">



Sumit Kesarwani

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Posted on    September-23-2013 1:12 AM

Hi Mark,

I am sure you have figured this out by now but try setting this Property in your data grid.


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