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WPF toolkit for tile listview

Posted by  Goti Bandu
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I need to create tiles of well formatted buttons, something like the Windows 8 start page. Is there any toolkit available for a custom ListView which may support tile view or grid view, with some formatting and may be some animation options.

I tried creating my own custom listview but it seemed to be a complicated task.

  1. Re: WPF toolkit for tile listview

    Hi Goti,

    You can simply use Item Control, i). In Item Panel just give the number of rows and columns you want ii). If button you want here are to be generated dynamically just assign the list of Buttons to it.

    <ItemsControl x:Name="lstButtons"        
          <UniformGrid Columns="4"
                       Rows="4" />
          <Button  Click="CLICK_EVENT_HERE"
                   Style="Use metro Button Style here" />

      Modified On Mar-31-2018 01:04:25 AM