Convert image to a button WPF

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I understand that i can overlay an image on a button, but is it possible that a button can take the exact size of an image? In other words, I want to get rid of the rectangular shaped button and adapt it to the size and shape of the image.

  1. Re: Convert image to a button WPF

    Hi Ankit,

    You can set the Template of button like below:

        <Button >
            <Image Source="pan-left.png"/>
                <ControlTemplate TargetType="Button">
                    <ContentPresenter Content="{TemplateBinding Content}"/>

    TemplateBinding is used to set the Content property in order to set the Content inside the ControlTemplate, as you can move this ControlTemplate to the Resources and can use it for multiple button and you can set the content on button itself.

      Modified On Mar-31-2018 01:01:59 AM


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