The advantages of rooting Bluestacks

What are the advantages of rooting Bluestacks? Does anyone know about it?.

Last updated:12/4/2019 2:22:21 PM

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Anonymous User
Anonymous User

A Rooting the Android operating system allows you to access and modify system files. this also allows you to gain system permissions for third-party apps that do not come pre-installed on the phone. The third-party apps are then allowed to modify system files as well.

Using a rooted Bluestacks, you can run many penetration testing software like wifi hackers and packet sniffers which are developed for Android. we can also edit app data and use cheats for mobile games on your computer.

Although there are many risks in rooting an Android phone like losing data and there is also the possibility of your Android device getting bricked. Since Bluestacks is only an emulator, if anything goes wrong, you can simply uninstall Bluestacks and reinstall without having to worry about data loss or losing your phone.