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Hi Guys

I am using TweetSharp Api and I have some problems concerning the service.GetRequestToken().

For example in my C# function I do a simple sendTweet().

On my Tweeter account my App is not registered.

So I get an Unauthorized Response and I call my Authorize method.

TwitterService service = new TwitterService("ConsumerKey", "ConsumerSecret");

OAuthRequestToken requestToken = service.GetRequestToken("callbacklink");

Uri uri = service.GetAuthorizationUri(requestToken);

return new RedirectResult(uri.ToString(), false);

The problem is that when I'm redirected to the Twitter authorization window the first time I have the good window but if i try again wihtout having authorized my app, the url is like :

And I get an error.

If I continue I get the good url and after the empty one and so on...

Do you have any explaination ?


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    Re: TweetSharp GetRequestToken

    Hi Royce,

    You problably forget configure the "Callback URL" field on Setting tab of twitter app.


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