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Auto height in multiline textbox

Posted by  Pravesh Singh
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I have to show data from database with multiline textbox.

How can i set height auto in this multiline textbox?

My code is here,

<asp:TextBox ID="txtNaiyo" runat="server" TextMode="MultiLine" Rows="5" Width="100%" style="height:auto;" Value='<%# Eval("Naiyo") %>'/>

Thanks in advance.

  1. Re: Auto height in multiline textbox

    Hi Pravesh,

    I've made something quite easy. First I put the TextArea into a DIV. Second, I've called on Ready Function to this script

    <div id="divTable">
      <textarea ID="txt" Rows="1" TextMode="MultiLine" />
    $(document).ready(function () {
      var heightTextArea = $('#txt').height();
      var divTable = document.getElementById('divTable');
      $('#txt').attr('rows', parseInt(parseInt(divTable .style.height) / parseInt(altoFila)));

    Simple. Is the Max Height of the div once is render, divided the height of one TextArea of one row.

    Hope this will solve your problem.

      Modified On Mar-31-2018 12:15:18 AM