How to get all followers from ListFollowers() method of TweetSharp Library ?

I am developing a demo application using TweetSharp Library  and i want all followers of my users.

I'm using ListFollowers() method of TweetSharp library but it gives only 20 followers.

Help please.

Thanks in advance.

Last updated:9/3/2013 7:40:53 AM

1 Answers

Sumit Kesarwani
Sumit Kesarwani

Hi Chintoo,

You have to use NextCursor parameter in ListFollowers() method like this:

var followers = service.ListFollowers(new ListFollowersOptions { Cursor = -1});

(followers.NextCursor != null)
followers= service.ListFollowers(new ListFollowersOptions { followers.NextCursor });
//yourcode here.

Hope this will solve your problem.