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Pravesh Singh
Pravesh Singh

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Posted on    August-16-2013 6:44 AM

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Hi developers!

This is my code: -script:


       $(function() {

       $( "#tabs" ).tabs();










        echo "<div id=\"tabs\" width=\"590px\">";

        echo "<ul><li>";

        echo "<a href=\"#tabs-\".$i> $name </a>";

        echo "</li>";

        echo "</ul>";

        echo "<div id=\"tabs-\".$i>


            </div> ";      


  echo "</div>";

this code is only generating the first tab. I do not know how to solve. can you help me?

Vijay Shukla

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Posted on    August-19-2013 3:24 AM

I notice a problem with the generated HTML:

echo "<a href=\"#tabs-\".$i> $name </a>";

echo "</li>";

echo "</ul>";

echo "<div id=\"tabs-\".$i>

Would result in the following HTML:

<a href="tabs-"1>Name</a>



<div id="tabs-"1>...

Notice how the id's are "tabs-"[Number] as opposed to "tabs-[Number]". Same problem with the href. This might be it or at least part of it.

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