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Hi guys please i need your help . i created a HTML/PHP form . The PHP form handles posting to my mail while the HTML is the front face / webpage . Anyway i created a form that has fields such as name (textbox), email(textbox) , inquiry(textarea) , state (textbox) country (dropdown list ) , how did you find us (dropdown list). However whenever i test the form all it posts to my mailbox is name , email , inquiry .  Please how do i make the other fields get recognized / how do i get the details in the other fields to be posted to my mailbox.
$name =  $_POST['username'];
$email = $_POST['email'];
$text = $_POST['inquiry'];

//To, Subject, Message, Header
mail('','basic inquiry',"$text",'From: '.
$name .'<' . $email  . '>');
header('location: step3.html')


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