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Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson

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Posted on    December-21-2010 4:45 AM

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Hello Everyone, here I have a problem in passing value from one windows form to another windows form.
If possible provide me any helpful link or code.

Uttam Misra

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Posted on    December-21-2010 4:51 AM

Awadhendra Tiwari

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Posted on    January-21-2011 2:20 AM

make a parametrize constructor in second form and pass values to that constructor as following example shows...

class Form1 : Form
        public void btn_click(object sender,EventArgs e)
                Form2 fr=new Form2("Awadhendra",21,"Allahabad");

class Form2 : Form
        private string name,city;
        private int age;
        public Form2(string name,int age,string city)

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