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Remove selected rows from multi-column listView in C#

Posted by  Ashish Pandey
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Hi Developers! 

I have a listview with two columns and I'm using a context menu to allow users to remove selected rows. To remove the selected rows, I've tried with the following code but it doesn't work:

private void toolStripMenuItem1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)




I suspect this is because the listview has two columns, but I can't figure out a solution to remove selected rows. Removing all rows works with: listView1.Items.Clear();.

Thanks in Advance

  1. Re: Remove selected rows from multi-column listView in C#


    The latest example of BeefTurkey looks correct, but he should decrement the variable i after removing a selected item:

    for (int i = 0; i < listView1.Items.Count; i++ )
        if (listView1.Items[i].Selected)

    The index of items larger as I is decremented by 1 after the removal. So you should reposition i to match the next not tested item.

      Modified On Mar-30-2018 05:12:54 AM