Drop-down box in Gridview

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Hi Expert!

I have one asp.net c# grid-view. This gridview requires dropdown box and drop-down box's selected data will come from database. Please help me for this.

Thanks in advance

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    Re: Drop-down box in Gridview


    Not heaps clear on your question - some code snippets or a thorough description would be more useful. But I will soldier on!

    You can convert any field in an ASP.NET GridView into a Template Field by selecting 'Edit Columns' on the Smart Tag. The Template Field will allow you to specify a control(s) to put inside that grid cell instead of a standard text box. You can bind it to whatever data source you like (or even bind the data source to the parent row). I suggest you google 'Grid View Template Field' for more thorough information about how to get it done.



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