How to parsing XML and extracting nodes?

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I have the following XML:

    <book genre='autobiography' publicationdate='1981-03-22' ISBN='1-861003-11-0'>
        <title>The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin</title>

I want to read it and display the result as following:

Genre: autobiography

Publication: 1981-03-22

ISBN: 1-861003-11-0

Title: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Author: Benjamin Franklin

Price: 8.99

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    Re: How to parsing XML and extracting nodes?

    Here you have some example code to do this with XElement:   

     var xml = XElement.Load("test.xml");
        foreach (var bookEl in xml.Elements("book"))
            Console.WriteLine("Genre:" + bookEl.Attribute("genre").Value
                + "" + "Publication: " + bookEl.Attribute("publicationdate").Value
                + "" + "ISBN: " + bookEl.Attribute("ISBN").Value);
            Console.WriteLine("Title:" + bookEl.Element("title").Value);
            Console.WriteLine("Author:" + bookEl.Element("author").Element("first-name").Value             + " " + bookEl.Element("author").Element("last-name").Value);
            Console.WriteLine("Price:" + bookEl.Element("price").Value);

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