How to regex to check to find out items with given character?

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I've a class

public class MyClass
            public MyClass(int id, string name)
                this.Id = id;
                //Id = id;
                this.Name = name;
            public int Id { get; set; }
            public string Name { get; set; }

I created a list of MyClass type and added few items to it

    List<MyClass> lst = new List<MyClass>();
    lst.Add(new MyClass(1, "Name1"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(2, "ab****cdefg"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(3, "he*llo"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(4, "pa**yed"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(5, "Names2"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(6, "hi******iiii"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(7, "so*me"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(8, "so**rt"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(9, "*"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(10, "**"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(11, "t*e*s*t"));
    lst.Add(new MyClass(12, "t**e**s**t"));

How can i find items having only one * in name field in a list and two ** in name field in another list. I'ld like to do it by linq or regex, any other good option is also invited. I tried using containsmethod but got all items having *.

var singlestar = lst.Where(x => x.Name.Contains("*")).ToList();

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    Re: How to regex to check to find out items with given character?

    this should match names with just one "\*" and two "\*\*"

    var singlestar = lst.Where(x =>Regex.Matches(x.Name,  "\\*").Count == 1).ToList();

    var twostar = lst.Where(x =>Regex.Matches(x.Name,  "\\*\\*").Count == 1).ToList();


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