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john rob

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Posted on    January-20-2015 9:55 PM

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i have jquery menu like

<ul id="fileMenu">





<ul  id="editMenu">





i got the way to get click event on child menu items like

  $('#fileMenu').on('click', 'li', function () {

            alert("Hello"); // Or make($(this)); if you still want that extra function


But, how to find out the particular menu option, i.e user clicked on Open, Exit, Edit, delete etc...

Pravesh Singh

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Posted on    January-20-2015 10:35 PM

Use clicked element context this to create jquery selector along with .text() to get the text in it.

You will also need to add other parent ul selector(like #editMenu) to target their elements as well :

$('#fileMenu,#editMenu').on('click', 'li', function () {

        var currenttext=$(this).text();



            //perform Add

        }else if(currenttext=="Delete"){

            //perform delete


            //perform edit



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