How to get the clicked menu details

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i have jquery menu like

<ul id="fileMenu">
<ul  id="editMenu">

i got the way to get click event on child menu items like

  $('#fileMenu').on('click', 'li', function () {
            alert("Hello"); // Or make($(this)); if you still want that extra function

But, how to find out the particular menu option, i.e user clicked on Open, Exit, Edit, delete etc...

  1. Re: How to get the clicked menu details

    Use clicked element context this to create jquery selector along with .text() to get the text in it.

    You will also need to add other parent ul selector(like #editMenu) to target their elements as well :

    $('#fileMenu,#editMenu').on('click', 'li', function () {
            var currenttext=$(this).text();
            alert(currenttext);         if(currenttext=="Add"){
                //perform Add
            }else if(currenttext=="Delete"){
                //perform delete
                //perform edit

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