How to email validation regex in C# and javascript?

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I have ASP.NET project and I need to check is email correct or not. I always using that script, but it fails with, because @ is bad symbol.

function emailvalidate(e)
    var b=/^[^@\s]+@[^@\.\s]+(\.[^@\.\s]+)+$/;
    return b.test(e);

How can I fix this? And its important to check email by JavaScript, not ASP.NET or C#.

P.S. Im really new with ASP.NET and JavaScript RegEx.

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    Re: How to email validation regex in C# and javascript?

    Are you using the Razor view engine? If so you will need to escape those @ symbols if you are adding this script to the cshtml file itself

    function emailvalidate(e)
        var b=/^[^@@\s]+@@[^@@\.\s]+(\.[^@@\.\s]+)+$/;
        return b.test(e);

    or you can wrap the regular expression in @Html.Raw as deherch mentioned:

    var b = @Html.Raw(@"/^[^@\s]+@[^@\.\s]+(\.[^@\.\s]+)+$/");

    you can also add this function to a script file with all your other common JS functions. This way you do not need to escape the razor syntax at all.

    Win mentions that you want to use server-side validation. I would say best to use both. Client-side validation can stop it from ever hitting the server in the first place. And server-side validation because you can never trust what a client passes in.

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