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I have 2 grids, grid1 and grid2.

grid2 will be filled based on which row is clicked in grid1. I have done it by binding OnSelectedIndexChanged of grid1.

But at page load the grid2 will be empty as no row selection is made.
So I was planning of firing the row selection of grid1 using c# code so that both grids will be having data at page load.

I have started coding like.

            grid1.DataSource = versions.DefaultView;
            grid1.SelectedIndex = 0;

But the event is not firing. Can anyone help me in solving this issue?


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    Re: Fire OnSelectedIndexChanged of GridView in

    You can just call the method programmatically.

    grid1.DataSource = versions.DefaultView;
    grid1.SelectedIndex = 0;
    grid1_SelectedIndexChanged(grid1, new EventArgs());

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