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marcel ethan
marcel ethan

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Posted on    January-07-2015 10:23 PM

 ASP.Net C#  SQL Server 

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I am not familiar with SQL that much. I'm trying to insert multiple rows of data into a table that if there exist a row with with duplicate value in BusinessFilterPhrase column then just don't insert. I wrote a pseudocode of what I think it should be.

if (filterCategoryList != null)


   foreach (KeyValuePair<string, int> filter in filterCategoryList)


      cmd.CommandText = "insert into tblBusinessName (BusinessFilterPhrase,BusinessCategoryID)" +

                        "select @BusinessFilterPhrase,@BusinessCategoryID" +

                        "from tblBusinessName as t1" +

                        "where NOT EXISTS" +

                        "( select * from tblBusinessName as d1 where d1.BusinessFilterPhrase = @BusinessFilterPhrase) ";


      cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@BusinessFilterPhrase", filter.Key);

      cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@BusinessCategoryID", filter.Value.ToString());






Takeshi Okada
Takeshi Okada

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Posted on    January-08-2015 2:51 AM

You code looks correct. I would write it as:

insert into tblBusinessName(BusinessFilterPhrase, BusinessCategoryID)

    select @BusinessFilterPhrase, @BusinessCategoryID

    from tblBusinessName t1

    where NOT EXISTS (select 1

                      from tblBusinessName d1

                      where d1.BusinessFilterPhrase = @BusinessFilterPhrase


(The changes are only cosmetic.)


If performance is an issue, create an index on BusinessFilterPhrase:

create index idx_tblBusinessName_BusinessFilterPhrase on tblBusinessName(BusinessFilterPhrase);

You can make this a unique index, if you want the database to enforce the uniqueness of the column (it will generate an error when duplicate values would be inserted).

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