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Chintoo Semi

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Posted on    January-06-2015 10:39 PM

 ASP.Net C# 

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for example of this website, the quick ticket session. i need to force users to select a movie first before select the Cinema

john rob

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Posted on    January-06-2015 10:57 PM

You can use some jQuery magic to do this:

$(function() {

    $('#ddlSelectCinema').prop('disabled', true);

    $('#ddlSelectSession').prop('disabled', true);


This code will disable the "Select Cinema" and "Select Session" drop downs. Then you need an event handler on the drop downs:

$(function() {

    $('#ddlSelectMovie').change(function() {

        $('#ddlSelectCinema').prop('disabled', false);


    $('#ddlSelectCinema').change(function() {

        $('#ddlSelectSession').prop('disabled', false);



This will not hide it, but it will disable them. You might want to also add a CSS class called 'disabled' or something and apply and remove that class as you disable/enable the. This way you can style the drop downs and make them look disabled.


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