Change div order to suite responsive viewport

Im using the script below to change the order of two divs - my document's html has the div class "imagepanel ip-middle" preceeding the div class "bgimagescale image2". When viewing on a viewport smaller than 768px wide - I want the divs reversed. The script below does not reverse the divs on page load. Only on resize - as I guess the script indicates!: .bind("resize", listenWidth). I have been unable to locate the right way to change the order of the divs using jquery on page load as well as resize. Many thanks.

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).load($(window).bind("resize", listenWidth));
function listenWidth( e ) {
    } else {
Last updated:12/31/2014 11:25:27 PM

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Anonymous User

Use load and resize together, something like this:

$(window).on('load resize',function(e){