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Hi Expert!

I'm trying to replace a column value based off values from other columns, but I keep getting syntax errors. What am I doing wrong? Here's what I've tired:

SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `id_1` =164 and `id_2` = 6
SET `id_1` = (188|164)
WHERE `id_1` = 164 AND `id_2` = 6 
UPDATE `table`

This gives me a syntax near SET.

SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `id_1` = 164 AND `id_2` = 6
UPDATE `table`
SET `id_1` = 188
WHERE `id_2` = 6

This gives me an error for everything below UPDATE.

Help? Thanks.
  1. Re: mysql SET and UPDATE


    You cann't use the UPDATE and SELECT both within a one query.

    Execute the both query separately like this:

    SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `id_1` = 164 AND `id_2` = 6
    And then execute:

    UPDATE `table`
    SET `id_1` = 188
    WHERE `id_2` = 6;


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