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Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma

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Posted on    December-05-2014 10:21 PM

 ASP.Net C# 

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I want to change the shape/style of button during mouse hover in asp.net. Actually i want to make the button circular during mouse hover in asp.net.

Chintoo Semi

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Posted on    December-06-2014 4:50 AM

Generally, you would do this with the CSS :hover pseudo-class:


a { /* define normal styles here */ }


a:hover { /* define hover styles here */ }

To achieve a circular button, you could use a graphic image. Assuming you had a transparent PNG called circle.png in your images directory, you could do something like this:


a:hover {

  background: url('images/circle.png') no-repeat;


You could also set the border radius of the button to be one-half of the button height and width (which should be the same):


a:hover {

  height: 50px;

  width: 50px;

  border-radius: 25px;


john rob

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Posted on    December-06-2014 5:46 AM

Create two Images for button. Then implement this css.










<input id="Button1" type="button" class="blueButton" value="button" />

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