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connection with sql command

Hi Expert!

How do I execute a command as and when a new mysql connection is established from php?


In the above example, I need to pass set sql command :

sql_log_bin = 0

This will make sure that the commands executed by this connection will not be written to binary log. I have another "normal" connection that will work as usual and write all the commands to binary log.

In other words I need 2 connections to mysql one with disabled binary logging. I should be able to decide which one to use. How is it done in PHP?

Thanks in advance. 
Last updated:7/9/2013 4:41:53 AM

1 Answers



First create two connections.


Then on one of them disable your binlog

mysqli_query($con1, "SET sql_log_bin = 0");

I Hope it helpful for you.