Force to print in legal paper

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I'm using iTextSharp to generate PDF documents in my application. That works great. The only issue I have is when I generate a PDF document with size of a legal paper and print it, the printer use the default paper which is letter size. I have to change the printing options manually in order to print it in legal paper. Is there a way I can specify in which paper size I want the document to print programmatically so that I won't have to do it manually? 

I'm using this line of code to specify the page size in iTextSharp: 

Document doc = new Document(PageSize.LEGAL.Rotate());

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    Re: Force to print in legal paper

    You cannot control the client printer. That would be a huge security problem in the PDF format. It is up to that computer's settings.

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    Re: Force to print in legal paper

    The key is to set the viewer preference Choose paper source by PDF page size to true.

    writer.AddViewerPreference(PdfName.PICKTRAYBYPDFSIZE, PdfBoolean.PDFTRUE);