ASP.NET MVC HttpPost posting null model

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Form posts from webpage MakeBooking to FinalBooking to ascertain certain information such as number of guests, so the FinalBooking page can give you enough textboxes to input guest information for all guests required.


When in debug mode, both models in MakeBooking post are populated. After post, in FinalBooking, model is null. 

    public ActionResult MakeBooking(BookingModel model)
        return RedirectToAction("FinalBooking", "Booking", new { model = model });
    public ActionResult FinalBooking(BookingModel model)
        return View(model);

Any info would be appreciated.

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    Re: ASP.NET MVC HttpPost posting null model

    It should work

    return RedirectToAction("FinalBooking", "Booking", model);



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