MySQL reading date from CSV

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Hi Expert,

Right now I have a database in the format with columns:

id - purchase_date - integer fields.....
And an import of a CSV using the script

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'C:/Users/Alex/Desktop/work/natgas2.csv' INTO TABLE pricemodel.natural_gas 
        TERMINATED BY ',' 
        ENCLOSED BY '"'
        LINES TERMINATED BY '\r\n';
And everything's being imported correctly except for the dates which are in the format right now of:

So the question is what format do they have to be in for them to be read correctly into my database?

Please help?

Thanks in advance. 

  1. Re: MySQL reading date from CSV

    Hi Madam!

    Try as following line of code

    YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (24-hour time)

    If the field is of type timestamp.

    For example:

    2011-01-03 00:00:00

    I hope it resolve your problem. 


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