How to remove duplicate entries in array?

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I have an array of data returned from my server. From this array I need to get an array of Topics and an array of SubTopics:

var data =


{"topicId":1,"subTopicId":1,"topicName":"J","subTopicName":" Ar"},

{"topicId":1,"subTopicId":2,"topicName":"J","subTopicName":" Us"},

{"topicId":1,"subTopicId":3,"topicName":"J","subTopicName":" Ut"},

{"topicId":2,"subTopicId":4,"topicName":"L","subTopicName":" Ov"},

{"topicId":2,"subTopicId":5,"topicName":"L","subTopicName":" El"},

{"topicId":2,"subTopicId":6,"topicName":"L","subTopicName":" In"},

{"topicId":2,"subTopicId":7,"topicName":"L","subTopicName":" Pr"},

{"topicId":2,"subTopicId":8,"topicName":"L","subTopicName":" Va"},

{"topicId":2,"subTopicId":9,"topicName":"L","subTopicName":" Pa"}


I have code that I use to reformat this data and just give me topic information:

var topics = (t) {

                    return {

                        id: t.topicId, name: t.topicName



But this gives me three entries for topicId 1 and six entries for topidId 2.

How I can filter out duplicate entries so I can for example the above would just give me a topic array of two entries. One for each topicId

Please no jQuery, lodash or other framework solutions as I didn't include these in the tags. thanks

  1. Re: How to remove duplicate entries in array?

    This should work

    topics = data.filter(function(item, index, data) {
       for (var i = 0; i <data.length; i++) {
          if (item.topicId=== data[i].topicId) break;
       return index === i;
    }).map(function (item) {
        return {
            id: item.topicId,
            name: item.topicName
    If duplicate entries are equal, you can simplify filter function
    data.filter(function(item, index, data) {  
       return data.indexOf(item)=== index;


      Modified On Apr-07-2018 12:50:43 AM


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