How to Slidetoggle next element in jquery?

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I have many snippets with a "read more" link, and I'm looking for a way to have the same selectors for all the snippets. I thought that jQuery's next could work:

$(document).ready(function () {
    $(".readmore").click(function () {
        $(".readmore").next().slideToggle("slow", function () {
Visible text 1<a class="readmore">Read More 1</a><div class="more">Text to appear 1</div>
Visible text 2<a class="readmore">Read More 2</a><div class="more">Text to appear 2</div>
Visible text 3<a class="readmore">Read More 3</a><div class="more">Text to appear 3</div>
<style>.more {display:none}</style>

Unfortunately, text for all snippets appears when clicking on one "read more" link, instead of just the next element. What's wrong with the code above?

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    Re: How to Slidetoggle next element in jquery?

    You should change

    $(".readmore").click(function () {
    $(".readmore").click(function () {

    so the next() selector in the click() event function is only applied to the currently clicked element instead of all elements with the class readmore at the same time.

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