Regex Spilt based on multiple delimiters in C#

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Hi Developers,

I have a string of type "KeyOperatorValue1,Value2,Value2....". For e.g = "version>=5", "lang=en,fr,es" etc and currently, 

the possible value for operator field is "=", "!=", ">", ">=", "<", "<=", but I don't want it to be limited to them only. 

Now the problem is given such a string, how can I split into a triplet?

Since, all the operator's string representation are not mutually exclusive("=" is a subset of ">="), I can't use public 

string[] Split(string[] separator, StringSplitOptions options) and the Regex.Split doesn't have a variant which takes 

multiple regex as parameters.

Thanks in advance. 

  1. Re: Regex Spilt based on multiple delimiters in C#

    Hi Ankita,

    try as following line of code


    I hope it helpful for you.


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