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ASPX View MVC3 WebGrid format column

Mark Devid 3043 20-Nov-2014
     WebGrid studentGrid = new WebGrid(rowsPerPage: StudentController.PageSize);
     studentGrid.Bind(Model.Students, autoSortAndPage: false, rowCount: Model.RowCount);
     studentGrid.PageIndex = Model.CurrentPage;
<%=studentGrid.GetHtml(columns: new WebGridColumn[]{
    studentGrid.Column('StudentId', 'Id'),
    studentGrid.Column('Name', 'Name'),

Unfortunatly i am forced to use aspx view in my MVC3 project.

I want to have a column that shows a text 'select' or 'remove' based on some condition of the list item that is bound to the grid.

How is the sysntax to do that

I have to get render html like

<span class='1'>Select<span>

and the html shown will be just Select

Updated on 20-Nov-2014
Mark Devid

Mark Devid

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