Set the text of RepositoryItemButtonEdit in layout view in grid

I create a Grid Control and set Main View as Layout View and add Repository Items is different Columns But When i add Button Edit in Target Column. I want to bind the columns data with the Text property of Button. Please am too worried about it. tell me any Solution about that How to set the Text of RepositoryItemButtonEdit in layout View in Grid
Last updated:11/20/2014 2:31:24 AM

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Anonymous User
Anonymous User

You can handle the event that happens when an editor is about to be shown in a non-focused mode CustomRowCellEdit.


void gridView_CustomRowCellEdit(object sender,
CustomRowCellEditEventArgs e)
    if (e.Column !=columnWithButtonEdits) {
        BusinessObjectobj = (BusinessObject) gridView.GetRow(e.RowHandle);
        e.RepositoryItem.Buttons[0].Text = obj.SomeProperty;               

Of course you have to cast RepositoryItem to your type and get the button that you need.