Converting a year string to a Datetime value

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I am creating a simple input form to create an account. On the form there is an input field for the year the company was founded, this is a simple textbox where the user will type in the year

However on attempting to insert this to the database field which is a datetime an error is being thrown despite converting the textbox entry to datetime...


myCompanyAccount.Founded = Convert.ToDateTime(this.TxtCompanyFounded.Text);

Is there a way in which i can can convert a year input  to a datetime so it can be inserted to the database...? Thanks in advance! 
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    Re: Converting a year string to a Datetime value

    Hi Tanuj, 

    try this:

    MyCompany.Founded = new DateTime(Convert.ToInt32(this.TxtCompanyFounded.Text), 1, 1);