How to use first querystring parameter and append to action in url in mvc 4?

I'd like to tidy this url if at all possible.

Curently it looks like this which is returned from an ActionResult GET


Here's what I'm trying to achieve


The City parameter isn't used for anything, so manually editing the first url into the second does indeed return the correct data.

I've even tried appending int the City variable to the action, not really ideal.

                new { controller = "House", action = "Location", City = UrlParameter.Optional }

Last updated:11/14/2014 2:16:19 AM

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Anonymous User
Anonymous User

You were almost there with the routing change. Add this code BEFORE the default route

    new { controller = 'House', action = 'Location' }

Note that I change the url format slightly and removed the optional parameter part (it's not needed)