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Pravesh Singh

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Posted on    June-20-2013 1:40 AM

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Can someone please tell me how can we get data in the month and date format.In the below code it shows me the year with the same date one year ago in the format 6/18/2012 ..but I just need the month/year.

LastMonth = DateAdd("m",-12,Date)


Vijay Shukla

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Posted on    June-20-2013 5:16 AM

Hi Expert!

Use the specialized functions Month(), Year(), ... to get at the private parts of a (variable of type) Date:

dt = DateAdd("m",-12,Date)
WScript.Echo TypeName(dt), CStr(dt), Month(dt) & "/" & Year(dt)

Date 6/18/2012 6/2012

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