What is ADO.NET?

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What is ADO.NET?

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    What is Ado.net

    ADO.NET, an object oriented data access technology, is essentially a collection of classes used to communicate between an application and a database. ADO.NET provides consistent access to data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server. The ADO.NET classes are found in System.Data.dll.

    DataProvider in Ado.net

    The following are the supported DataProviders:

    • Odbc Data Provider

    • OleDb Data Provider

    • Oracle Data Provider

    • SqlServer Data Provider


    The following are the supported Connection classes:

    • OleDbConnection

    • OdbcConnection

    • OracleConnection

    • SqlConnection


    The Command object is used to send the SQL Statements to the database. Commands are used to insert data, retrieve data and execute stored procedures in the database. The following are the methods of the Command class:

    • ExecuteScalar

    • ExecuteReader

    • ExecuteNonQuery

    • ExecuteXmlReader

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