Special character remove from url or any string

Posted by  Rajesh Goswami
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how we remove the special character from any string 
for example
string sSpecailChar="rajesh have $280.00 Rs. only, What!?"
in this sample how remove the special character like $!.?
is the best solution of this problem
  1. Re: Special character remove from url or any string

    we use regex class which contain many important properties like relace(), split(), match() etc
    we remove the special char from any string
    for example:
    firstly, we use System.Text.RegularExpressions namespce

    string strData = "rajesh have $280.00 Rs. only, What!?";
            string pattern = "[^a-zA-Z0-9]+";
            Regex rgx = new Regex(pattern);
            Response.Write("<font color='green'>Before Replace: </font> " + strData+"<br/>");
            Response.Write("<font color='green'>After Repalce: </font>" + rgx.Replace(strData, " "));

    Before Replace: rajesh have $280.00 Rs. only, What!?
    After Repalce: rajesh have 280 00 Rs only What