How to create friend function in c ?

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Hi Expert,

How to create friend function in c++?

Thanks in advance. 
  1. Re: How to create friend function in c ?

    you can create friend function from follow syntex
    friend type function_name(classname object);
    you can try following example of friend function

    class myclass{
    int n,d;
    myclass(int i,int j){ n = i; d = j;}
    //declare a friend of myclass
    friend int isfactor(myclass ob);
    int isfactor(myclass ob)
     if(!(ob.n % ob.d)) return 1;
    else return 0;
    int main( )
    myclass ob1(10,2),ob2(13,3);
    if(isfactor(ob1)) cout<<"2 is a factor of 10\n";
    else cout <<"2 is not a factor of 10\n";
    if(isfactor(ob2) cout<<"3 is a factor of 13\n";
    else cout<<"3 is not a factor of 13\n";
    return 0;

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