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Simons Hood
Simons Hood

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Posted on    June-11-2013 7:39 AM

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How to check textbox equals to the string in My.Settings.Something  in VB.NET?

Thanks in advance. 


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Posted on    June-12-2013 7:49 AM

Hi Samuel,

You can used If Else statement for checking Strings

    If My.Settings.Something <> TextboxName.Text Then 
        // to do if...
    ElseIf My.Settings.Something = TextboxName.Text Then 
        // to do else if...
    ElseIf My.Settings.Something = 999 Then 
        // to do else if...
        // to do else... 
    End If

Depending on variable types you using in the settings you might need to use My.Settings.Something.ToString() instead of My.Settings.Something Additionally, it might be needed to first store the variable from the textbox into a variable of the right type.

   Dim dblVar as Double
   dblVar = TextBoxName.Text

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