Brushed motors have come a long way since its inception

Brushed motors have ruled the world for decades and they are still very useful motors. When it comes to the commercial market, they have been the primary motors in the industry for a very long time. These motors have been used in many electronic products like scrubbers, extractors, or central vacuums. These motors have been considered a critical element because of their durability and dependability.

Brushed motors have come a long way since its inception

But over the years since the inception of brushed motors, they have evolved, and all thanks to the innovation in the technology. The technology has allowed them to become smaller, faster and lighter over the last 30 years. And there is a significant improvement in the components like bearing can now reach 50 to 70 thousand RPMs. While commutators, brushes, and fans are capable of taking on higher speeds than usual and these last longer than they used to be.

What Are Brushed Motors?

The brushed motors used in the vacuum are based on the universal design of the motor, which includes a wound rotor and stator. The Wound rotor and stator are used in series to power the whole thing. These kinds of motors are found in usually smaller appliances and they have high speeds and good starting capacity that is why appliances these days are becoming smarter, lighter and have good starting capability. They are ideal for fan loads because of their speed-torque characteristics. Whenever the load increases they speed up automatically to compensate for the load on the motor. The brushed motors have high horsepower ration than the brushless motors and they are less expensive than them.

The ideal design for the brushed motors

There are a lot of brushed vacuum motors are available on the market, you should be asking a lot of questions to yourself to find the ideal design for your needs and application. And some of these questions should be in your list:

• You ask yourself where you will be using this and what type of air it would grasp, dry or moist.

• What is the cooling solution and the requirements of cooling, if an external cooling is required or not?

• What kind of air pressure and airflow will you be looking for, what will be your operating point?

• How are you going to power it and the voltage of the motor, will it be AC or DC to power the motor.

• What is the use of your actual application, if it is for pressure or vacuum?

• You also need to look at what kind of other features you need in your motor.

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Brushed motors have come a long way since its inception

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