How to set up amped REC15A Range Extender?

It is the most compact and powerful universal range extender available in the market. By setting up the range extender, you can cover more area throughout your lawn, backyard or other floors of your home.  This amped REC15A high power compact AC Range Extender is one of the best products from the amped wireless.  It comes with Boost band technology to increase overall speed by streamlining WiFi traffic and its next-generation ultra-fast 802.11ac WiFi speeds provide uninterrupted HD video streaming and best online gaming experience.  It works with all brands of standard routers and can use on with any service provider gateway. The REC15A comes with Dual-band amplifiers and antennas. This REC15A comes with features such as Airplays, Air Print, home-sharing, Network Bridge (1 wired port) and simultaneous dual-band coverage.  REC15A high power amplifiers and most advanced WiFi technology provide the best WiFi experience, antennas. 

How to set up amped REC15A Range Extender?

Follow the below instructions to set up Amped REC15A Range Extender 

• Place the range extender- You need to find your router wireless dead zone and place the REC15A extender between the router and router wireless dead zone.  

NOTE- Make sure your extender receives strong signals from the router. The recommended signal strength is over 70%.  Now you need to plug in the power adaptor of extender into the nearby power outlet.  

• Connect your any wireless device such as a computer or smartphone on REC15A Range Extender. Go to the wireless settings of your devices and search for the REC15A Range Extender network name. The default wireless network name is Amped_ REC15A _2.4 or Amped_ REC15A _5.0. Click on the network and tap the connect button. 

• Open a new browser- After connecting your device on range extender, open a new browser on your computer and type into the web address bar and press enter. We highly recommend it to use Internet Explorer 8.0, Google Chrome, and Safari. Do not use Mozilla Firefox. 

If you cannot access the setup page through the above URL, try to open it with an IP address of the device or contact the support team.  

NOTE- You don't need an active internet connection to access this URL.  

REC15A Range Extender dashboard 

• A dashboard to dashboard prompt opens on your screen computer screen that will show you the status and other information of your range extender.  

• Click on the Scan button to find your main wireless router network. Select your network to extend the range. If you have Dual-band router, select both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network names. If the extender is not showing your home network name, then move your range extender closer to the router or try other places.   

NOTE- Select the network which is having the signal strength of 70% or above. Signal strength below 70% can cause issues like the WiFi signal dropping out or poor connection.   

• After selecting the network, click on next. 

• Security settings- Now should see the security settings page on your device screen. 

• Here on this page, you need to enter the network security key (WiFi password) and if you choose dual-band to extend, then you have to enter the security key (WiFi password) for both bands.

NOTE- If you didn't set any security on your home wireless network, leave the security key field blank and click on Next to continue the process.  

Extended Network settings- On this page, you can see the Network ID (SSID) of your REC15A range extender such as Amped_ REC15A _2.4 or Amped_ REC15A _5.0. 

• You can manually change the wireless Network ID (SSID) if you want to do it. Enter the network security for both 2.4 and 5.0 dual-band. 

NOTE- The network security key should be more than 8 characters. If you don't want to set the security on your range extender network, leave the password field blank. We suggest you do not refresh the page during the setup process. 


• After configuring the extender network settings, click on next. You will see a prompt showing countdown time. It takes a few seconds to save extender settings and connect to the home wireless network. 

• During this connecting process, the REC15A range extender will reboot and disconnect. You need to reconnect your computer to the REC15A range extender on any 2.4 or 5.0 extended network.

• After connecting your device on the extended network, click the checkbox to confirm.

Click on the Next button to complete the setup process.  

Now the REC15A range extender is successfully configured.  Now you can connect any wireless device on Range Extender and you can also connect one wired connection through one wired port on Range Extender.  

NOTE- If there is any issue to complete the setup process, the setup wizard will provide you all error information. You can try the same steps again to set up your REC15A range extender. You can also contact the support team to help you with it.   

If you find below-mentioned problems on your REC15A range extender, please contact the technical support team.  

1. Not able to access the amped Range Extender Setup page. 

2. Home network not showing during the network scanning process.

3. Not able to access the internet through a Range Extender.

4. Slow speed on the extended network.

To connect your wireless devices on the REC15A range extender using the WPS Push-button. 

It is a very easy and one-touch setup process to connect your wireless devices to the REC15A range extender.  

NOTE- Make sure your device has an in-built WPS feature.  

• On the top panel of Range Extender, you will see the WPS button. 

• Press and hold this button for 3 seconds and LED will start blinking.

• Within the few seconds, push the WPS button on your device and wait for a few seconds to connect it Range extender network.

• You can connect any WPS enabled device on REC15A range extender such as android smartphones, printer.

NOTE- Please note that the apple product does not support the WPS push button.  For more information about the configuration of the REC15A range extender and other features, please contact the support team.  

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How to setup amped wireless router

How to setup amped wireless router

For Amped wireless settings attach the antennas and then insert the Ethernet cable into your device. For the Ethernet cable color is grey. This cable also goes into the router.


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