Pet and fleas are a combination which is a nightmare for every pet parent. Your pet can get flea infested even when it takes regular baths and is well protected. Flea infestation is at the maximum level during summers and chances of your pet carrying fleas.

You have to stay vigil and careful with your pet to protect it from flea infestation. Here are a few important tips to take care of your pets while protecting them from fleas.

#1 Clean your Pet

If you find your pet infested with fleas, then you must take action immediately. Leaving the poor infested with fleas for another hour would be cruel. Take your pet to the bathroom and prepare for an elaborate to make it free from Pest Control Norwood. Use flea shampoo to wash your pet thoroughly. Scrub the infested areas properly to peel out the flees.

Some pets are not used to long baths but don’t let them escape. You might struggle to keep them in the shower, but it would be worth it to clean them properly. After giving them the much-needed shower, use a flea comb to inspect their coat carefully. Lookout carefully in target areas including neck, tail and face for flea infestation. Blow dry the fur of your pet and apply insect repellent thoroughly over its body to control flea infestation.

#2 Clean your House

If your pet was infested with fleas, then there is a high possibility that it has left fleas in some parts of the house including the place where it sleeps. It is essential to detox your house because fleas and its eggs spread exponentially within days and there could be hundreds of them even before you realize.

Start with cleaning or consider changing all the belongings of your furry friend including mattress, toys and blankets among others. The process of sanitizing the entire house is tedious but you have got no other option for flea control. Vacuum hidden places in the house thoroughly along with carpets, rugs, cushions, curtains, sofas and back sides of the furniture. Use good quality flea insecticides after reading the usage instructions thoroughly to avoid health hazards to your pet.

#3 Sanitize your Home’s Outdoor Areas

Pets bring flea bugs from outside and it is essential to make outdoor areas including yard, garage, driveway and porch free from fleas. Fleas enjoy breeding in untouched and less accessible places which are also dirty. Consider decreasing the surface area for flea breeding by cutting down shrubs, mowing the grass regularly and cleaning the dead leaves, pants or tree branches.

You can also use flea spray in outdoor areas including the surface under the patio, behind the trees, corners and shrubs for flea control. Try cleaning the dust and all other kinds of dirt regularly to keep flea infestation at bay. Also, prevent the entry of outdoor animals including raccoons to avoid unnecessary entry of fleas.

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