Machine Learning Consultants explain benefits of drones for Utilities

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the future of Energy & Utility Enterprises. Both these technologies combined are here to make business operations efficient and optimized. Here are some of the most useful benefits of drones, suggested by ML & AI Consultants-

Automatic asset fault detection of wind turbines

Drones fly from the land and over the power turbines. They eliminate human intervention and reduce manual efforts. The risk associated with helicopters and health safety is reduced in the case of drones. Their flight height and speed can be adjusted by the operator. With these adjustments, the pictures of power turbines can be captured. Several images of a single turbine component can be captured. It allows better visual with multifaceted visualization. For example, any cracks and cuts in blades can be well detected with drones. In adverse conditions, where humans face shortcomings, drones can still finish the task at hand. Drones can capture more data which can be repurposed.

The drone photographs can be used to run an algorithm/ blockchain. This way the machine can be trained to identify faults in assets. This reduces the manual fault detection and replaces it with automated system. This helps with increase in efficiency and accuracy of the diagnostic process.

This process cuts back on human resource hours such as site engineers, engineers, helicopter pilots etc. It aids ML and AI implementation. Machine Learning consulting of drone use for Utilities supports the elimination of human cost. This, coupled with reduced fuel costs of vehicles makes the entire automated process very cost advantageous.

Drone Benefits for electricity utilities

Drones are of immense advantage to electric Utilities as well. They fly over several transmission lines at once. They can cover a distance of numerous miles at once. Be it adverse weather conditions, human health safety or cutting costs, whatever the objective, drones have benefits for utilities.

Drones fly over electric lines and are able to detect failures, theft and leakages. This helps Utilities identify energy loss points and conduct corrective actions on them. The drone speed can be controlled by the operator and hence can fly the drone at beneficial speed. This helps capture images and footages efficiently. The accuracy of network lines observation is improved, and the process is sped up considerably. With such data gathered and fed into the local systems, it helps maintain repository of the grids and empowers faster decision making. Enabling AI implementation with data captured by drones, is where companies can make the most profits while sustaining their operational performance.

Last updated:7/16/2019 2:35:30 AM


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