4 Suggestions for SEO in 2019

By each passing year, SEO observes certain modifications and updates. Anyone starting with or already working with SEO content writing for increasing the traffic and target the relevant audience needs to stay updated with state of the art SEO writing techniques. It is obvious why these updates in SEO writing is necessary to be followed. If you look at the SEO tips and tricks from even a few years back, you will see that those are of almost no use these days. Due to changing Google algorithms and policies, continual updates in SEO writing tricks is imperative to maintain a higher ranking. Here in this guide about SEO writing tips in 2019, we will compile a list of 4 very useful suggestions for you.

1. Intelligent Selection of Keywords

This point is the one with equal importance over the years. You will always see tips for smart selection of keywords in each guide because keywords relevance and popularity is the fundamental requirement for a successful SEO writing. You can never get the target benefits without giving due importance and attention to the research for appropriate keywords for your SEO writing. There is a huge load of keywords on the internet. Now it is a tricky decision on your part to keep the balance between competitive and volume generating keywords. You may lose to the most competitive keyword used by most of the content writers. Try adding actions, incites and more specificity to your keywords to get the purpose served.

2. Top Do’s for On-Page SEO

After getting done with your SEO keyword research and a wise selection, here comes another important task to perform that is managing SEO on the page. Try managing keywords on the main serving page. Putting keywords on some vital positions like page titles, page URLs and image captions may help you get higher ranking on Google. The content on your main page should serve the visitor’s purpose. There should be enough information for the reader to get deeper into knowledge about your offered service. It is suggested for the beginners to use a keyword 3 to 4 times on the page rather than stuffing your content with keywords. And one more important tip to attract the readers to your keywords is that these should be placed in the content in a very natural style.

3. Speed Optimization

Try to make the loading and browsing of your page faster by optimizing the sizes of the content and resolution of graphics used. A heavier and high definition graphics may look attractive but hinders the loading of your page due to heavier sized graphics. If images and titles on your page are not immediately loading after moving on the page, the reader may lose interest readily and leave the page without looking onto the content. In this way, you may miss the traffic earned by your content quality and keywords popularity. Consider improving your page’s speed to help to convince your visitors to stay on the page for longer. Consider technical SEO optimization by providing safe connections, responsive links and speedy loading of the page for a higher ranking on Google search engine.

4. Quality Backlinks

Backlinks have been the most popular for higher ranking on Google in the past. In 2019 the quality of backlinks is still very important for being ranked on the top of the list instead of the number of backlinks. Do not waste your investment in buying a bulk of links with no quality considerations. Enlist the relevant publications and content and then contact the owners for getting a quality link.

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