Think Omnichannel eCommerce, Think Magento!

Omnichannel generally brings together sales & marketing to create a single seamless commerce experience across your brand whether you are selling online or offline.”

Letting the customers purchase your products natively wherever they wish to is the biggest sword in terms of cutting down your brand’s sales obstacles. If we talk about commerce- not only eCommerce but also the other modes of online retail, digital marketplaces, social selling, and brick & mortar storefronts- Omnichannel eCommerce is commanding the world. Being a retailer, your major focus should be on reaching to your potential customers on every possible platform where they are looking for.  

Impacts of digitization on the retail world 

A drastic change is occurring at a rapid pace in the mode of shopping/selling among consumers/retailers. The physical storefronts have taken the shape of mobile devices/desktops and the cash counters have become an easy to utilize online shopping cart/checkout portals. Customer’s choice and ease of buying have become paramount for every retailer. A customer always looks for some below-mentioned features: 

- Hassle free shopping, 

- Ease of paying, 

- Gifts & rewards, and 

- Purchase through social platform influence etc. 

The year 2017 had already seen a boom in terms of Omnichannel retail existence. Now, as this retail strategy has already reached its prime time and 2018 is all set to prosper your business. Therefore, becoming proficient in Omnichannel experience is still a continuous battle among retailers in the current year. 

Therefore, It is high time for the retailers to choose a platform which can help them to gear up and win this battle. 

Omnichannel eCommerce solution 

Magento development services by an ideal Magento Development Company  are the lone solution for the Omnichannel existence of any eCommerce business. It comes equipped with all the necessary features and functionalities through which you can provide your customers with a unified shopping experience. 

Integrate features to increase In-store experience: 

Magento works as a bridge between your physical storefront and online store and provides you unifying solutions to put your business at huge profits. 

72% of digital shoppers consider an in-store experience as the most crucial channel while making a purchase. 

With Magento, you can enable your customers to 

Search your offered products/services online, access their loyalty accounts,  

Easily avail pickup and delivery options, and furthermore,  

Streamline other services linked to your physical store as well.  

By doing this, you will be boosting your physical storefront sales while focusing online. 

Mobile Extensions in Magento 

Help your customers to take the benefits of mobile shopping while receiving touch security, and redeeming loyalty points etc. 

Global no. of mobile retail commerce buyers is set to surpass 1 billion in the year 2018

The mobile commerce has planted its roots a way deeper than anyone can think of. Staying connected across multiple platforms has become the need of the time with the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) future in mankind.

By 2020, the global mobile commerce market would reach $284 billion as per a survey done.

Considering this need for e retail, Magento comes up with several mobile extensions to put customers at ease while shopping. Having to mention a few, Mobify, CouchCommerce, and Mofluid are working wonders and are highly appreciated by the existing retailers.

Help to centralize your inventory

“80 per cent of Omnichannel retail strategy revolves around the real-time inventory visibility and making intelligent decisions related to inventory allocation”

Magento Omnichannel eCommerce helps you

To centralize your overall inventory, source products for fulfillment, and

Merge your online and offline worlds together.

It would further,

Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and

Help you to maximize Omnichannel by to and from any place across the world while increasing customer’s loyalty.

Half of all retailers shall be adopting a retail Omnichannel eCommerce platform by the end of 2019 as predicted by IDC (a senior market analyst organization), which would reap up to 30 per cent hike in profitability.

Undoubtedly, It would become a matter of urgency then.

whilst coming to an end, I would highly recommend Magento for Omnichannel eCommerce activities as it helps merchants to fulfill consumer’s demand for flexibility while serving them with a seamless shopping experience, both online and offline.

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